After undergoing self-transformation therapy, a successful career woman is stalked by a dancer, forcing her to confront herself in a way she never expected.

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Director's Statement 

As a South Asian American, there is an entire generation of us, as children of Immigrants, who connected with our heritage by training extensively in the Indian classical arts every weekend in someone's garage or basement across America. Rarely do we ever see Representation of Indian classical dance in western media.  When we do, it is a caricature of Bollywood cinema as a part of a wedding sequence. Indian classical dance is so much more than that, it's the foundation of our storytelling.
In TINA, I aimed to break the stereotype of the south asian woman who is the perfect lawyer, doctor or engineer, by exploring deep conflict with my personal identity through the experience of a South Asian woman who is haunted by a part of her heritage in the form of a genre-bending thriller.

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