A short film by Gayatri Bahl

You must face yourself . . .


After undergoing self-transformation therapy, a successful career woman is stalked by a dancer, forcing her to confront herself in a way she never expected.

Tina is all about one woman’s journey to embracing the power that lies dormant within her. Ultimately, she must face herself and...trust the process.

Director's Statement

TINA came to me as an answer to the duality that exists within my life - a reluctance to completely embrace my point of view and identity. At a time when women around the world are finding their voices, I find an equal number of women in constant battle with themselves. TINA brings to life the battle we fight with ourselves BEFORE we finally stand in our point of view.

As a trained Indian Classical dancer I aimed to craft a narrative that used the Indian Classical Dance Form, Kathak, as a medium to tell a story of transformation. My dream is to see more Indian Classical Dance in Mainstream Non-Indian cinema.

As first time filmmakers, my co-producer, Anuj Goyal, who identifies as a gay male, and I, both South Asians were committed to telling a story that resonated with anyone that is haunted by their true self.

We are proud to say that our production team was truly diverse with an all female cast and LGBTQ friendly crew.